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Why we don’t get the real internet speed we pay for?

Why we don’t get the real internet speed we pay for?

The phrase "up to" is always traded with the advertisements of the communication companies that provide the internet service, and here it is worth checking to clarify what is meant by that phrase since you see a broad address as follows "speed up to 12 MB" and this does not mean that you will never get The speed of 12 megabits, but you will get a speed that can reach 12 megabytes under conditions, and this is what we will discuss in this post.

Why we don’t get the real internet speed we pay for?

Reasons why you get slow internet speed

Statistics have proven that most users get Broadband speed less than what they pay for or less than that announced by the Internet service provider on billboards and this is due to reasons, and in order to be absolutely certain whether you are getting the full speed that you pay for it a monthly amount Then you just have to try an application that enables you to measure the speed of the Internet, to be surprised at the time, because you only get a portion of the internet speed that you pay for.

"You can then use the SpeedTest service to preview your internet speed."

And the matter does not apply to you only, but applies to many customers, they also do not reach the speed of the Internet that they pay for at the beginning of each month, as the picture below will show you the large number of users who do not receive the full speed of the Internet package in one of the United States countries where the purple color means Points for Internet users. Debt access to internet penetration is weak, from those who pay for it to the service provider, and the rest of the green color. Shows Internet users who get a good internet speed..
Why we don’t get the real internet speed we pay for?

What is the reason for this?

Why we don’t get the real internet speed we pay for?

Perhaps you are beginning to wonder about the reason that the majority of Internet users do not reach the good speed of the Internet ... In fact, there are many reasons that make you as an Internet user do not get the full speed from the telecom company, where the main reason is probably the default that occurs On their part (the communication company), but also there are other reasons that make you not take advantage of the good speed of the Internet in order not to put the communication companies in the dock and from the reasons we find:

User's hardware quality:

The point that connects you as a user to the Internet is your home router. If you have an old router, you will probably not get a good internet speed and here you will notice the very slow response of web pages on your computer ... and then It would be good to think financially about changing your router and acquiring a new router with good specifications.

The distance between you and the supplied point:
 The further away you are from the internet service provider, the faster the speed you get is relatively slower because between the two points, external influences affect the electricity passing through the internet connection lines, and here with repeated information errors resulting from external influences, then it will be normal You get to a purely slower speed and the webpage will not appear to you over time.

Why we don’t get the real internet speed we pay for?


If you use an Internet connection that is used by a large number of people, it is natural that it is somewhat slow because you are not the only one who uses it, and this always happens in the event that you are subscribed to a distribution network that is used by dozens of others, especially if one of the users who share your connection is doing By downloading files from the internet, it is normal to have a slow internet speed.
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Time of use:
This happens in some of our Arab countries, as well as in participatory networks, which is the slow internet during peak times, which is usually between Maghrib and Isha because it is the times that the Internet is used only by users because it is a time of rest, which is something we cannot control Of course, as in the days of quarantine, it is normal to notice the slow internet, because everyone uses it at the same time.

Why we don’t get the real internet speed we pay for?

Slow servers you deal with:

Why we don’t get the real internet speed we pay for?
 Slow browsing or downloading may be due to the server you are dealing with, as if you would like to download a file from one of the servers in a country in the United States, the problem may be due to the slow server itself or the failure of the devices that link your town to the embraced country of the server. Well, this will result in a slowdown in the download speed, which will require you to assume that the problem is from the carrier.

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