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What is Google Trend? And how it is used in targeting keywords

What is Google Trend? And how it is used in targeting keywords

Welcome, dear visitors  , we will talk today about one of the most important sites that help you to produce search results and improve seo sites. Today's topic will be about Google trends and how you can use it fully through a video explaining the subject in the end of the article.

What is Google Trend?

It is one of the sites affiliated with Google, Google issued it for the first time in 2006 AD, and it was intended to know the special methods of users in searching for different information, in other words, to know the keywords that are used by people in searching for information or different news.
Google Trend is a very useful website in case you need to market a specific product or write an exclusive article that you want to target a specific country.

Example 1 using Google Trend

You are the owner of a garment factory and want to sell clothes online in the state of Saudi Arabia, all you have to do is enter the Google Trend and try more than one word about clothes online and specify the most searched word and you will find all the statistics on this word and also you can compare between that word and another word until you specify the word That you want to target in this country for your marketing campaign to succeed.

 Example 2 using Google Trend

If you have a YouTube channel or if you have a website and want to work on popular content at this time or trend as it is known you should enter google trends and you will know all the topics most searched in the search engine Google and choose your favorite topic according to a field and start in Shooting a video or writing an article. Of course, you will have a share of the high search rates in Google on this topic and you get a large number of visits and views.

The importance of Google Trend

  1. Get topics that have high search rates and you may want to write a topic about them.
  2. Correct targeting of keywords by creating an overview of Google's search methods.
  3. Comparison between the statistics of the selected keywords and the concepts most used in the search engine
  4. The speed of achieving a large number of visits and views.
  5. Google Trend is an excellent way for every website creator to make a quick profit.